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Jina Ajitanatha and His Divine Assembly, 1062

India: Gujarat, 1062-1062
White marble with traces of pigment
59 x 20 x 6 in. (149.9 x 50.8 x 15.2 cm)
Norton Simon Art Foundation, Gift of Jennifer Jones Simon
© Norton Simon Art Foundation

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Because he wears clothing, this Jina can be associated with the Shvetambara (white-clad) order of Jainism. The inscription identifies him as Ajitanatha, the second of the twenty-four liberated teachers revered by all Jains. He stands in the conventional body-abandonment pose, in which his arms hang to the sides without touching his body. He is surrounded by a host of deities and celestial attendants, while the devout donors are seated at his feet.

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